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I'm a second-gen writer. My father was a reporter with the Associated  Press and the editor of several newspapers. I've been called a "natural storyteller". I discovered my penchant for storytelling when I rode horses. Sitting around the campfire (really) after a trail ride, there were storytellers among our group who entertained us under the stars. I was surprised when they let me contribute and delighted when they asked for more.  I was hooked.

In high school, I submitted to various publications and, in college, the occasional professor made the encouraging comment that I wrote well. After college, I freelanced for newspapers. I was awarded a bi-monthly editorial column at one. At another, I earned accolades for breaking news, which in the vernacular means that my imagination and curiosity helped me uncover and investigate things no one knew about yet, and sometimes it turned out to have environmental, social or financial impact.

Writing flowed out of me in the form of poetry, which I set to music on guitar. My first public gigs outside of high school were in a Christian coffeehouse in Virginia Beach called The Upstairs Coffeehouse (God bless Ozzie Pretzman). I later played at other coffeehouses, restaurants, county fairs, leading church worship. My poetry has often been published.

After seeking to identify the call of God on my life through Bible school, seminary and university, and much prayer, I earned my masters in social work. In my field, I have listened to many stories, facilitated change in people's stories, and helped them transform their story for the better. 

I've struggled to find ways to combine the most powerful impulses of my spirit, a call to express justice and truth, finely-tuned by the Word of God, and a creative calling. Both my avocation and writing have allowed me to do that. 

I wanted to write prose but I could never seem to finish a thing I started. In 2013 I learned of NaNoWriMo and Scrivener. I entered that November's 'WriMo using a Scrivener trial edition. To my complete astonishment, I wrote almost twice the requisite 50,000 words that month and won a discount on the full edition of Scrivener.  On January 1, 2016 I published my first novel, Hope's Motel. I am currently working on the novel begun at WriMo. It's a sci-fi, time travel novel with plenty of action, a dystopian/utopian novel with a working title of The Art of Conversation. In everything I write, I endeavor to stay true to God's Word, the Bible.

My Amazon author page features what's been published so far. I hope you'll say hello on my contact page.

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     Danyelle Wolfe Read

Garment of Praise

"Garment of Praise" is a short story featuring accurate historical detail and biblical principles of spiritual warfare fictionally portrayed.  It has been awarded a place in Birds of Passage, an anthology of Edgy Christian fiction. Read a sample excerpt here.

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Hope's Motel

Somewhere north of Dallas, Hope has a motel...  

Hope's Motel is a modern inspirational novel about how faith triumphs in a broken world.  Check out the full blurb and peek inside the first few chapters on Amazon.

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Sometimes I read books in my various genres, and sometimes I read non-fiction.

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